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Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

sexual assault lawyer, sexual assault chargesIf you are facing sexual assault charges in Arizona, you need a seasoned sexual assault lawyer to help you protect your future. A conviction of rape or sexual assault in Arizona will not only send you to prison. It will also send your reputation plummeting to the lowest possible levels. You will carry the stigma of having committed a depraved sex crime with you throughout the remainder of your life.

As a convicted sex offender, the court will require you to register your whereabouts everywhere you live. And that information will be freely available to the public. You will face restrictions regarding living in certain areas and working at certain types of jobs. It will be difficult to find any type of work at all, and as a convicted felon, the law will bar you from many housing options and will lose your right to vote, hold public office, and own a gun. Perhaps the worst consequence of a rape conviction is the label that will follow you as long as you live, wherever you go: RAPIST.

Don’t allow this to happen to you. Just because you face sexual assault charges doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for a conviction without resistance. Fight with every means at your disposal to clear your good name and stay out of prison. Get the best rape and sexual assault lawyer the State of Arizona has to offer, one who is an Arizona Bar Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist.

Arizona Definitions of Sexual Assault and Rape

In Arizona, rape is any forced sexual activity between two people without the consent of the party being forced. It doesn’t matter whether they are male or female, strangers or acquaintances, married or romantically involved.

Sexual assault is similar. However, it involves threatening another person to cause the person to submit to unwanted sexual intercourse out of fear.

False Accusations and Possible Defenses to Rape and Sexual Assault

False accusations of rape and sexual assault occur all too often. Sometimes people target celebrities or government officials, or a former lover or divorcing spouse might bring false charges as a means of revenge or gain full custody of a child by discrediting the other parent.

When you’re facing sexual assault charges, nearly every aspect of your life is at risk. Do yourself a favor and hire the very best sexual assault lawyer the state has to offer. And do it right away, as soon as you have any idea that you will face accusations. In Arizona, look for a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist who has met rigorous criteria in order to receive this prestigious designation. As a Board Certified Specialist, your sexual assault lawyer will understand the nuances of Arizona state law pertaining to sex crimes. He will also know how the criminal justice system works. As a result, he will use this knowledge to your advantage when seeking the most favorable outcome for you, one that will allow you to move on with your life without prison time and without the stigma of a sex crime conviction.

Some of the possible defenses your sexual assault lawyer can use to fight sexual assault charges and rape charges include:

  • Presenting an alibi that proves you were elsewhere when the crime took place
  • Proving that you were physically incapable of performing the alleged sex act, for example, due to impotence
  • Showing that the alleged victim made an error in identifying you as the attacker
  • Asserting that the alleged victim consented to the sexual act (provided that the person was not a minor, mentally impaired, drugged, drunk, unconscious, or otherwise without the legal capacity to consent to sex)

Hire a Top Rated Arizona Sexual Assault Lawyer

In the Phoenix/Scottsdale area of Arizona, a top choice when you are facing rape or sexual assault charges is attorney Howard A. Snader, LLC. He is a former prosecutor and a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist since 1995, who has earned the highest possible AVVO rating by his legal peers—10 (Superb). Howard has secured favorable results for hundreds of clients in the course of his long career, including:

  • Preventing charges from being filed
  • Having the court dismiss your charges
  • Having the court reduce your charges
  • Winning full acquittals at trial

He is relentless in his pursuit of the best outcome the law allows for each and every client he represents. Moreover, he is able to provide you with the aggressive and passionate defense that is most likely to ensure the least disruption of your life, your reputation, and your future, regardless of the nature of the charges against you. So don’t wait. Call Howard Snader now, and don’t speak with any law enforcement official until he is at your side.

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