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Sexual Abuse Attorney in Arizona

Sex crimes are extremely serious criminal violations in any state, and they are pursued with a high level of vigor in all of them. For example, Arizona is a particularly difficult place to live in. Because of this, anyone accused of a sex offense in Phoenix, AZ may face harsh consequences, including lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, a permanent criminal record, and a variety of additional criminal and personal consequences. We understand your case and what you must be going through at this stage of your life. We are here and we can help you get through this.

If you have been accused of a sex crime by sexual abuse victims, such as sexual assault, you should seek the advice of an experienced Phoenix sex crime attorney as soon as possible. Despite the fact that sexual assault encompasses a wide range of behaviors, the legislation governing these offenses can be difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to defend yourself against in some cases.

You should be aware of your legal rights and obligations if you have been charged with sexual assault. In order to defend yourself, your freedom, and your future, you must retain the services of an experienced attorney who has handled a number of sexual assault cases in the past.

Sexual Abuse Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

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If you’re arrested for a sex crime in Arizona, you will often be treated as though you’ve already been convicted. With people being quick to judge, often believing the accuser without any evidence, even a simple sex crime allegation can ruin your life. Without the assistance of an experienced Phoenix sex crime lawyer, you will likely end up being forced to take an unfavorable plea deal and have to register as an Arizona sex offender for the rest of your life.

Howard Snader is a Phoenix sex crimes attorney and board-certified criminal law specialist with three decades of experience fighting for the wrongly accused. He is widely regarded as the top sex crime attorney in Phoenix, AZ. If you value your freedom, Howard may be your best chance to clear your name over a child sex abuse. Call us now to fight your sex crime charges in Phoenix, Avondale, and more areas in Arizona!

Why do I need sexual abuse defense attorney in Arizona?

In Phoenix, sex crimes are widely considered to be particularly heinous. But when it comes to Arizona sex crimes, the accused is often the real victim. Sex crime allegations such as childhood sexual abuse are often the result of false statements by the accuser or an unfortunate misunderstanding. Since the mere mention of a sex crime in Arizona evokes a negative emotional response, simply being accused of committing one is often enough to cause friends and family alike to turn their backs on you.

But an accusation is not the equivalent of a conviction—far from it. You have the right to be considered innocent in the eyes of the law unless you’re proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. That’s why you need an experienced Phoenix sex crimes lawyer to help you fight sex crime allegations in Arizona. If you need someone by your side to defend your freedom, call Snader Law Group today to get in touch with a trusted sex offense defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ and nearby areas!

What is sexual abuse?

In Arizona, what is considered sexual assault? To commit sexual assault, a person must engage in sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with another person without the other person’s consent, according to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1406.

The word “sexual assault” refers to any sexual act that occurs without the consent of the victim. Additionally, this includes physical sexual conduct with a person who lacks the mental capacity to consent or with a person who is mentally incapacitated, in addition to the use of force or compulsion. This contains situations in which the other person was:

  • Intoxicated;
  • unconscious;
  • mentally sick;
  • under the legal age of consent in Arizona;
  • consenting out of fear;
  • or if the other person believes they have been tricked in order for the sexual act to take place, they may refuse consent.

What about sexual misconduct? It is an umbrella phrase that refers to all forms of inappropriate sexual activity or sex abuse. The word is not intended to allude to a particular criminal or civil claim. Sexual misconduct is defined as any unwanted sexual behavior conducted without consent or through force, intimidation, compulsion, or manipulation.

What are the penalties for sexual abuse?

In Arizona, sexual assault, which includes the crime of rape, is classified as a Class 2 felony. The specific consequences of a sexual assault conviction, on the other hand, are determined by the facts of the case. Some of the elements that may have an impact on sex crime charges include the following:

  • The victim’s age was unknown.
  • The defendant’s age is unknown.
  • Whether or not the defendant has a criminal record is irrelevant.
  • Whether or not the defendant intended to cause physical harm is in dispute.
  • The presence or absence of a potentially hazardous tool or lethal weapon is important.

All things considered, a person convicted of sexual assault in Arizona could face a prison sentence ranging from 5.25 years to 28 years. If the offender willfully inflicted physical injury on the victim, or if the victim is under the age of 12, the defendant may be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Furthermore, people convicted of sexually violent offenses like childhood sexual abuse in Arizona are required to register as sex offenders with the Arizona Department of Corrections. Being publicly identified as a sex offender can have a significant influence on a person’s everyday life, including job, housing, and interpersonal connections, among other things.

Important to note is that Arizona has extremely thorough and strengthened sentence systems for persons who have been convicted of criminal sexual activity on more than one occasion. Aspects such as whether the offenses involved children, whether they were considered risky, and whether the sexual acts involved date-rape drugs will all contribute to the severity of the punishments.

What are the defenses for sexual abuse?

These are some of the defenses that Phoenix sex crime lawyer may be able to raise on your behalf:

  • You have an alibi, proving you were elsewhere when the crime took place.
  • You lack the physical ability to perform the act of which you’ve been accused.
  • The victim was mistaken in identifying you as the perpetrator.
  • Your accuser (assuming that person was not a minor, mentally impaired, unconscious, or intoxicated) consented to sex with you.

Call our sexual abuse defense lawyers to handle your sexual abuse case now!

If you’ve been accused of being a sexual predator in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or anywhere in Maricopa County and beyond, or believe you are about to face such charges, you can find the best sexual abuse attorney and specialized legal representation by calling the law offices of Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist Howard A. Snader for your free case evaluation.  Our child sexual abuse attorney will fight for you.

Howard Snader, a veteran sexual abuse lawyer, understands that just because you are being accused of child sexual abuse or sexual harassment does not mean you are necessarily guilty. Regardless of the nature of the crime you are accused of, you have the right to the presumption of innocence in abuse cases and to be represented by the Phoenix sex crime lawyer you can find. He will investigate the allegations by the sexual assault survivor, examine police procedures, interview witnesses, and look for possible motivations for your accuser to have lied, and identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case during the legal action against you. Call our criminal defense law firm now.

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