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Top Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Howard A. Snader

Arizona Domestic Violence ~ Assault ~ Sex Crime ~ Violent Crime ~ Theft Crime ~ DUI Defense Lawyer

Arrested in Phoenix? Don’t Plead Guilty!

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Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing Allegations of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Charge or Other Serious Misdemeanor or Felony in Phoenix, AZ?

Have you ever wanted to go to jail? If so, Arizona is the state for you. Arizona criminal laws are tough, even your first arrest could land you in jail. What’s at stake if you are sentenced to time in a Maricopa County jail or Arizona State prison? Pretty much everything, your job, your home, your family.  What about the lasting consequences of a conviction? You will have problems finding a job, you won’t be able to get a security clearance, you can lose your professional license, and you will always be known as, “the guy who went to jail for…” Even if you do not go to jail in Phoenix, a criminal conviction can have the same lasting consequences. Don’t forget about fines, fees, restitution and other costly criminal penalties you will have to pay. This is why an experienced Phoenix criminal lawyer is important and why you can’t afford not hiring the Phoenix criminal defense attorney.

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We have thousands of criminal defense success stories and the thing we hear most from our clients is that they feel we treated them like a close friend or family member. We pride ourselves on our aggressive criminal defense strategy and our compassion and understanding of our clients’ circumstances. That is why we say, “We take your criminal charges personally.” Our promise is to give you the possible criminal defense and to always put your interests first. We’ll never roll over and take the first plea deal that comes along just to end your case and pocket your money. We don’t deal unless it is the possible solution for you.

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Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

Common Phoenix Criminal Law Charges


When you have been accused of an act of domestic violence in Phoenix, get ready for your life to change unless you hire an experienced Phoenix domestic violence lawyer. Arizona courts take domestic violence charges very seriously and Arizona criminal law is very tough on those convicted of domestic violence. Allegations of domestic violence are often false. The accuser is often the aggressor and the accused acted in self-defense. The system will usually favor the accuser leaving the accused feeling like they have been convicted without a trial.

If you are charged with domestic violence in Phoenix, you will likely be charged with Assault, Sexual assault, Stalking, Intimidation and Threatening, Harassment or worse. Along with these charges, you can expect to be barred from possessing a firearm, even if it is required for your job. It may also affect your child custody and visitation rights. The right Phoenix criminal lawyer can make the difference between jail time and family time.


Under Arizona criminal law assault is a misdemeanor. However, the enhanced charge of aggravated assault is a serious felony charge that comes with upto a 20-year sentence in Arizona state prison. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is charged whenever any object that is potentially deadly is used to threaten or inflict injury on another. The aggravated assault enhancement is often added to other criminal charges associated with Arizona felony charges like sexual assault, robbery, and assault on a police officer. The aggravated assault enhancement can also be added if the assault was committed while an order of protection was in place. If you have been charged with aggravated assault in Phoenix, you need an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney to fight for you.


Sexual exploitation of a minor in Arizona and sexual abuse of a child are serious felonies. Child sex crime allegations in Phoenix are particularly difficult to defend. The only witness is often the child victim, who are susceptible to the influence of others. The problem is the “others” may be an ex-spouse or ex-girlfriend seeking revenge for a bad breakup or other reasons. Bringing truth and clarity to a sex abuse case requires an experienced Phoenix sex crime attorney or you may end up spending years behind bars and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Sexual exploitation of a minor, also known a possession of child pornography in Phoenix, is another Arizona sex crime that has serious consequences. In this digital age, your computer or other device is vulnerable to viruses and is often accessible by others who may introduce images or videos of people who appear to be minors engaged in sex acts. If your Phoenix criminal defense attorney has little or no experience in these types of cases, you are likely to be doing time and be required to register as a sex offender in Arizona

A Phoenix Criminal lawyer Can Help You

Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Howard A. Snader is a former prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience defending good people accused of serious misdemeanors and felonies in Arizona. He is one of the most trusted, qualified Arizona criminal lawyers. No matter what crime you’ve been accused of, Howard and his team will provide the criminal defense available in your situation. Many Phoenix criminal defense lawyer have practiced criminal law for years but have only been to trial a couple of times, some have never represented someone in a criminal trial because they push their clients to take the first plea deal that comes along. If freedom is your goal, you should know that Howard won’t try to force you into a plea deal that isn’t right for you. He isn’t afraid to take a good case to trial, in fact, he has successfully represented clients in scores of criminal trials. Howard’s aggressive defense strategies are proven effective. His care and compassion for his clients make him the choice when you need right criminal defense attorney in Phoenix.

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If you have been arrested in Phoenix for a felony or serious misdemeanor like domestic violence, aggravated assault, sexual assault, child exploitation of a minor or other criminal charges, you have questions only a criminal law specialist can answer. Give us a call or click below to ask a lawyer now.

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If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, aggravated assault, domestic violence or other crime in Phoenix, AZ, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about your criminal case. Our experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer wants to help you. Use the “Ask a Lawyer” button below to submit your criminal defense question or schedule a free consultation.

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