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Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon in Arizona

An experienced Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer can tell you how Arizona law differentiates between misdemeanor assault and the more serious aggravated assault. A few of the conditions that allow the enhanced charge of aggravated assault include, but are not limited to:

  • Striking or threatening another person with a weapon or other dangerous object
  • Assault that causes a serious injury
  • Pointing a gun at someone or threatening to kill a person with a gun
  • Assault with the intention to commit a robbery, rape, or another felony
  • Assault against a member of certain protected classes: police officers, healthcare providers, teachers, social services workers, minors, the developmentally disabled, the elderly, and others
  • Assault in the course of a home invasion
  • Assault on a person who has been bound or restrained
  • Assault while violating an order of protection

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Assault with a deadly weapon is a serious crime that is charged as aggravated assault in Arizona. Arizona law defines a “deadly weapon” as anything designed for lethal use and includes a firearm.

While most people think of guns when they think of “deadly weapons,” just about any object capable of causing serious bodily harm or death may be considered a deadly weapon if it is used in a manner suggesting the intent to injure or kill someone. Therefore, a large knife, brass knuckles, nunchaku, a tire iron, and even a rock or brick can be included in the definition of deadly weapons if used in a threatening manner.

In Arizona, even a car may be considered a dangerous weapon when driven recklessly or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Consult a Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer if you have an aggravated assault charge against you.

Penalties for Aggravated Assault in Arizona

An aggravated assault charge is a Class 3 Felony in Arizona, and it can land you in prison for anywhere from 5-15 years for a first offense. A second offense can send you away for up to 20 years.

Other Consequences of an Aggravated Assault Conviction

In addition to losing your freedom for many years, a conviction of a violent crime such as aggravated assault will often stay with you for the remainder of your life. Any time a potential employer or landlord pulls a background check, that information will appear, and your application for a job or a lease will likely be turned down. As a convicted felon, you will not be allowed to own a gun, vote, or hold public office. Wherever you go, people will see you as a violent criminal, limiting your options in life.

Hire the Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Find

The risks are great, so it is essential that you fight the charges with every tool available. To do this effectively, you need to hire the best criminal defense lawyer you can find. That means you should seek out the services of an Arizona Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist with years of experience and a record of success in defending clients against these serious charges.

Top Aggravated Assault Lawyer in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding area, you will find the quality legal counsel that will give you the chance of beating an aggravated assault charge when you call the law offices of Howard A Snader, LLC. Howard is a former prosecutor who understands the nuances of criminal law practice from both sides of the fence. A seasoned defense attorney and board certified criminal law specials board-certified is frequently able to have charges dismissed or reduced, and has won acquittals for numerous clients at trial. He enjoys the highest possible AVVO rating (10 –Superb), and has earned the respect of his legal peers and the gratitude of innumerable clients who are free because of his efforts on their behalf.

If you are facing aggravated assault charges, you can’t afford to go with less than the best. Don’t take a chance with an overworked public defender or an inexperienced attorney. The US Constitution gives you very specific rights, and Howard Snader will ensure that they are respected. If you’ve been arrested, call Howard immediately, and exercise your right to remain silent until he arrives.

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