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Weapons Violations in Arizona

Arizona has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation. It is legal for most adults to carry a gun, without being required to have a permit for either open or concealed carry. Permits are available, however, and having a permit makes it possible to carry a gun in certain places where weapons are otherwise prohibited.

That said, there are limits on who may carry or possess a gun, the type of weapon you may own, and the manner in which you use a gun. Using a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime comes with enhanced penalties.

Who is Prohibited from Gun Ownership in Arizona?

  • If you’ve been convicted of a felony or adjudicated delinquent on account of a felony and have not had your right to possess a gun restored
  • If you’re incarcerated
  • If you’re on probation for domestic violence
  • If you’re an undocumented alien
  • If you’ve been found by a court to be a danger to yourself or others
  • If you’ve been adjudicated incompetent or insane

Furthermore, the law prohibits other behaviors involving guns:

  • Carrying a gun into an establishment or public event with a liquor license, unless you have a permit
  • Discharging a gun within a municipality (with certain exceptions)
  • Manufacturing, selling, or owning a prohibited weapon
  • Selling or transferring a deadly weapon to a person who should not be in possession of it
  • Removing the serial number from a gun
  • Knowingly possessing a defaced deadly weapon
  • Possessing or using a deadly weapon when committing a felony
  • Discharging a firearm at a residence or other occupied building
  • Entering a public establishment or public event while carrying a deadly weapon
  • Entering an election polling place on election day while carrying a weapon
  • Possessing a deadly weapon on school grounds
  • Entering a nuclear or hydroelectric generating station while in possession of a deadly weapon
  • Knowingly supplying, giving, or selling a firearm to another person intending to use it to commit a crime
  • Using or possessing a deadly weapon while committing an act of terrorism
  • Giving or selling a firearm to a minor without parental permission
  • Failing to inform a police officer of a deadly weapon in the vehicle during a stop
  • Discharging a weapon related to gang activity

When on an Indian reservation, you need to check with the tribe. Indian tribes may have more restrictive gun laws than the rest of the state.

Types of Weapons Prohibited by Arizona Law

These are some of the types of deadly weapons that are prohibited in Arizona:

  • A rifle with a barrel length of less than sixteen inches
  • A shotgun with a barrel length of less than eighteen inches
  • A firearm made from a rifle or shotgun and that, as modified, has an overall length of less than twenty-six inches
  • Nunchaku
  • Automatic weapons
  • Bombs (including dry ice bombs or dry ice bullets), grenades, and improvised explosive devices

Legal Representation for Arizona Weapons Charges

In spite of Arizona’s generally relaxed attitude toward weapon ownership for law abiding adults, weapon laws are taken very seriously and a violation could get you in legal trouble. If you are facing a criminal weapons charge in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the surrounding area, call the offices of criminal defense attorney Howard Snader for experienced representation. Avoid jail time, fines, and probation by having Howard work to protect your rights and keep you from the worst consequences of being convicted of a weapons offense. As an Arizona Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, he has experience, credentials, and commitment to upholding the constitutional rights of each of his clients.

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