Drug Possession and Factors Impacting Sentencing

If you’re facing a drug possession charge, you are probably wondering what the consequences might be, which vary widely from state to state. Here is an overview of what a drug possession charge means and what factors may impact sentencing. Drug Possession Drug possession is a crime in both federal and state law. Possession laws [...]

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Simple Drug Possession Paraphernalia Charges

“Simple possession” is a charge involving possession for personal use, as compared with possession for the purpose of sale or manufacture. Everyone knows that a drug and a paraphernalia charge have consequences, but many times knowing exactly what those consequences will be is very difficult. Possessing a controlled dangerous or narcotic substance, or the paraphernalia [...]

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PROBATION: A Basic Understanding

The client charged with a felony and scared about the potential incarceration is usually only concerned about receiving a probationary grant. However, in many cases they really have no understanding of what probation entails. In 2013, Maricopa County Adult Probation had 21,000 individuals under supervision and another 53,000 individuals under its expanded jurisdiction for pretrial [...]

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Probation: A Babysitter With Real Teeth

You know you are in trouble. You spent months worrying about the outcome of your criminal case. And now, you have finally received a plea offer that allows you to serve a term of probation as a condition of your sentence. Rarely does your attorney or the judge explain what that really means. MISDEMEANOR PROBATION When [...]

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