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Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Domestic violence isn’t just something that occurs at home when there’s a fight. You can be brought up on domestic violence charges for something that happens at work too. Remember, “domestic violence” is not a crime. It is an allegation or [...]

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Domestic Violence Arizona

Domestic Violence - A Belated Valentine's Day Gift Every day, I am contacted by someone charged with, or recently arrested for domestic violence. Arrests for DV crimes always increase around the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. Crimes involving domestic violence are [...]

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Search And Seizure

Protect Yourself From Search And Seizure There is absolutely no way for me to even begin to discuss the scope of Arizona search and seizure law in a brief article. But recent developments in both technology and rulings from the [...]

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Just Stopped for DUI?

Your client was heading home after getting together with co-workers for a couple of drinks. Next thing they know, they see the red and blue lights of the police cruiser in their rearview mirror. After saying, “Oh @#@#,” trying to [...]

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Possession Child Pornography

Confessing to Possession of Child Pornography Mandatory Reporting of Possession of Child Pornography A few days ago, A new client retained my services concerning potential charges for sexual exploitation of a minor. That is Arizona’s fancy label for anyone accused [...]

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