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How Can a Phoenix Divorce Lawyer Help?

Emotions run high in family law cases. It is difficult and sometimes impossible for the parties to resolve things on their own. A Phoenix family lawyer can help you to see past the emotions, hurt, and anger to bring about a fair and equitable resolution in your divorce case. While it is possible for you to represent yourself in the family law court, it is usually not a good idea especially if the other party has retained a family law lawyer. Hiring us as your Phoenix divorce lawyer evens the playing field and helps to shield you from much of the stress of dealing with your ex. Your Phoenix AZ divorce attorney becomes your mouthpiece, speaking for you to protect your rights and interests.

Divorce Lawyer for Family Law Cases with Children

When children are involved in a family law case, emotions run much higher. No one can bear the thought of not being able to see their kids on a daily basis. If you are facing a divorce with children in Phoenix then you have probably already experienced the fear of losing time with your kids. During a divorce, children are often, sadly used as a weapon with one spouse refusing the other any visitation or using the kids in a divorce to deliver barbed messages to each other. A Phoenix family law lawyer could protect your kids from the ugliness of divorce and child custody cases in Phoenix.

Phoenix Divorce Lawyer for Child Support Cases

Both parents have an obligation to support their children. But, what if you and your “ex” have been struggling for months or years to make ends meet on two incomes? What happens when one household becomes two? The obvious result is your expenses double, making it very difficult for both parties to survive financially. However, this does not change your obligation to support your children. A Phoenix child support lawyer can ensure that you receive a fair and reasonable child support order in Phoenix family law court.

Division of Marital Property

Many issues arise in Phoenix divorces from disputes over property. It is important for everyone going through a divorce to understand the differences between separate personal property and marital or community property. It is not uncommon for one party to withhold information about marital assets and play hide the ball with marital assets. A Phoenix community property lawyer could help you bring all of the marital assets into the light to ensure a fair and equitable division of marital property while protecting your separate property from being misclassified as marital assets.

The Ugly Truth About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and divorce in Phoenix often go hand-in-hand. When love turns to domestic violence, it is time for you to seek the assistance of a Phoenix family law lawyer. You must protect yourself from the physical and emotional injuries that come from domestic violence. If you have children, you must protect your kids from the trauma of domestic violence. A Phoenix family law lawyer could legally protect you and your children from physical injury, even death, by seeking injunctions and protective restraining orders to keep your “ex” at bay.

What about the other side of domestic violence? The side where one spouse makes a false allegation of domestic violence or domestic abuse. This is a real problem that occurs more frequently than most Phoenix family law lawyers would like to admit. We know false allegations of domestic abuse in Phoenix occur. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, our Phoenix family law lawyer is uniquely qualified to help. False or not, domestic violence allegations are serious and require immediate action.

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Common Divorce Models

Helpful Information

  • Legal Separation
  • Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
  • Petition for Dissolution
  • Temporary Orders
  • Preliminary Injunction
  • Service of Process/Summons
  • Default Judgment
  • Discovery Process
  • Spousal Maintenance (i.e. Alimony)
  • Property Division/Community Property
  • Reconciliation Request
  • Consent Decree/Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Trial
  • Decree of Dissolution
  • Final Judgment

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