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How Can a Child Support Lawyer in Phoenix Help?

In a divorce or breakup involving children in Arizona, the most stressful and difficult parts for parents is child support and custody. Kids should not be used as weapons in a breakup but sometimes the emotions of the situation will get the best of you. However, working with our Phoenix child support lawyer will help you to remain in emotional control thus, allowing you to think and to act in the best interest of your children. For a while, it will be best to allow our Phoenix child support lawyer to deal with the other party. When financial issues like child support are being decided in a breakup, contact with your “ex” will likely lead to conflict which is never productive.

Arizona Child Support Guidelines in Phoenix

Arizona has established child support guidelines designed to put the needs of the children first. Keep in mind that these are guidelines and while they are the starting point in Phoenix child support cases, ultimately our Phoenix child custody lawyer will negotiate the best possible deal for you. Child support and child custody laws in Arizona can be complex so hiring an experienced child support lawyer is your best chance to achieve a positive outcome in your case. We know the law and understand how to make it work for you.

Factors Used to Determine Child Support in Phoenix

The court will take many factors into consideration to determine an appropriate amount for child support. Income is not the only factor considered. The court may consider:

  • The income of the parties
  • The amount of time each parent will have with the child
  • The amount of debt of each party
  • Who pays for health insurance and how much it costs
  • Special needs of the child
  • Education cost of the child
  • Medical expenses
  • and other factors.

Arizona Child Support Calculator

You may want to explore the online resources that the State of Arizona has assembled to help in child support cases. The information can be found here including the Arizona Child Support Calculator. The child support calculator will give you an approximation of the amount of support you may be ordered to pay or receive.

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