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Five Ways Defense Attorneys Can Help DUI Offenders in Arizona

Most people are familiar with “drunk driving” even if the official Arizona term is DUI meaning driving under the influence. Many use the terms DUI and DWI (driving while intoxicated) interchangeably. In Arizona, the importance is to know that it is illegal to operate any motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, alcohol, or any combination. Even if using a legal drug, if you are still impaired, you can be charged with DUI.

Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can negatively impact your driving license and criminal record as it is considered a crime across all states. If you have been arrested in Arizona, you may have to face a license suspension, hefty fines, and any DUI conviction mandates a jail term. The only issue on the mandatory penalties is the amount of the fines, the length of the suspension, and the term of incarceration. Retaining an experienced DUI defense lawyer is your one, best option.

5 Advantages of having Private Counsel:

1. You will have someone personally involved in your case:

Experienced private counsel has the time, training, and experience to help you on a personal level. Your calls will be answered, the court and legal processes explained. You will not be lost wondering if your appointed attorney, who has no personal stake in the outcome of your case, is helping you or just going along with the whims and demands of the prosecutor.

2. Best chance to find a defense or mitigate the damage by a plea offer:

Prosecutors know that most DUI cases resolve with a plea agreement. Many individuals with public defenders just sign the dotted line on their plea agreement.

When you hire experienced DUI attorneys, they will take the time to investigate your case, look into the science behind the alcohol or drug analysis and question the basis for the traffic stop and probable cause for the alcohol or drug test. The experienced DUI attorney will search for that one fact, the one witness, the one legal issue that may make a difference in the outcome of your matter.

In the event you either lose at trial or accept a plea offer, a private attorney will take the time to present your character and other mitigation information and minimize any sentence ordered by the Court.

3. Save money in the long run:

Having a DUI record (or any criminal history) can affect your employment, your credit score, your ability to rent an apartment and cause issues concerning many other collateral issues. What is the true cost you are facing with a DUI? At the moment, with the coronavirus, work release and work furlough are no longer possible. Any jail term can affect your job. Of course, that then affects your family and finances.

In most cases, private counsel can appear on your behalf for most all misdemeanor offenses. The Covid pandemic is causing some additional challenges and changes to the court process that has been in place for 30 years. But for the most part, you still do not need to appear in court when you have private counsel. You can go to work, not miss any time, and keep providing for your family.

Hiring experienced defense counsel is an investment on protecting your future, not a cost effecting your current bank account. I understand that hiring counsel may be expensive. But in the long run, the cost of counsel likely will save you down the road.

4. You have somebody helping you with your license issues:

Issues concerning your license and privilege to drive are CIVIL. If you elect to have a public defender, they will not, and cannot represent you in a civil matter. They can only help you with your criminal matter. Do you really want to deal with DMV on your own? Experienced private counsel can assist you with your licensing issues.

5. Best chance to reduce charges:

Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation. Any conviction mandates incarceration, huge fines, and license suspensions. The mandatory sanctions vary depending on the level of your blood alcohol concentration and your DUI history. Experienced criminal defense counsel will have the time and knowledge to work with the prosecutors to fight for a reduction of charges and, hopefully lesser sanctions.


At this point, you need to decide if you want the Court to appoint you an overworked, perhaps undertrained, under-experienced public defender or hire an experienced private attorney that can give your case the personal attention you need. As a bonus, the private attorney can also be represent you at any DMV proceeding regarding your license. And, with private counsel, you can normally avoid all court appearances except your change of plea or trial.

Don’t let your concern or fears about speaking with private counsel place you at a disadvantage as you face life-changing criminal charges.

Retaining experienced criminal defense lawyers is your best option. Most attorneys do not charge for consults. Your DUI lawyer will outline all your options, explain the process to you, advocate for your case and raise any and all potential defenses. If you, your family, or friends are facing DUI arrests or charges, The Snader Law Group will help you get through this. Please call or email us now for a free consultation.


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