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Divorce in Phoenix is never easy, but when your divorce involves children or domestic violence, it can devastate you and your family for years. Our Phoenix Family Law Attorney has experience with tough Phoenix divorce cases. We know how to bring your case to the fastest possible conclusion while protecting your kids and preserving your rights and interest in marital property.

Total Commitment to You

We are committed to our clients and their families. We will provide the highest quality family law representation available in Phoenix, Arizona. Our tough but fair approach delivers results even in the most complex family law divorce cases.

Personalized Legal Strategy

We take the time to truly listen to your concerns then, we craft a family law legal strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce and child custody case. Every family law case is unique so you need a Phoenix Family Law Attorney who will personalize your divorce representation.

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Phoenix Child Support Lawyer

Unfairly charged with domestic violence? Our Phoenix domestic violence lawyer understands that DV allegations are not always true.

Phoenix Child Custody Attorney

Facing years in prison & sex offender registration for sexual exploitation of a minor? You need an experienced Phoenix sex crime lawyer.

Phoenix Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

Charged with assault? We have Phoenix aggravated assault lawyers to fight difficult aggravated assault charges in Arizona.

Phoenix Property Division Lawyer

Arrested for possession of drug charges? The right Phoenix Drug Lawyer could be how you stay out of jail.

Phoenix Divorce Lawyer

Charged with DUI in AZ? You’re looking at fines, jail & loss of license for starters. Our Phoenix DUI lawyer has a record of success DUI in cases.

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We Personalize Your Legal Strategy

We’re Experienced in Family Law Cases

When it comes to dealing with divorce cases, our Phoenix family law attorney has the experience. Our family lawyer from Phoenix Arizona can help you achieve the fastest resolutin to ensure your children are protected while upholding your rights. At Snader Law Group LLC, we have the skills and experience to help individuals and families deal with divisions of marital property, child custody and care, child support, alimony or spousal support.

We Listen to You & Keep You Updated

We understand that divorces can affect your life both emotionally and financially, which is why our compassionate family law attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona takes the time to understand your circumstances, thoroughly investigate your case, and keep you update throughout your case proceeding.

We Create a Personalized Family Law Representation

No matter what your family law situation is, we have a personalized plan to fit your need and budget without sacrificing results. 

  • Full representation family law litigation
  • Child custody and child support enforcement
  • Family law mediation
  • Limited scope representation
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Pay-as-you-go representation
  • and more

If you’re facing a divorce or other family issues in Arizona, call us at (602) 957-3300 to schedule a free strategy session and put your legal strategy into action!

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Do you have questions about a family law matter? We love to answer questions about child custody, child support, and divorce in Phoenix. Give us a call or click below to ask a Phoenix family law attorney about your situation now.


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