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Marijuana Possession in Arizona

Arizona law is clear about marijuana possession. You cannot knowingly possess or use illegal drugs like marijuana. If you are discovered under the influence, or with drugs on or near you, you will most likely be charged with drug possession. [...]

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Refusing Breathalyzer

Refusing a Breathalyzer or Chemical Test If you are stopped by a police officer for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, you may think refusing breathalyzer, blood, or urine tests is a good idea. After [...]

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Holiday DUI Arrest

Do You Need Help Fighting a Holiday DUI Arrest? While you might have planned on celebrating with your friends and family, you probably didn’t plan on getting a holiday DUI arrest. Due to our busy social calendars (and increased law enforcement [...]

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Holiday Drunk Driving Statistics

The Sobering Truth About Holiday Drunk Driving Statistics National holiday drunk driving statistics paint a grim picture. Between work parties, family gatherings, and celebratory bar nights, people tend to consume more alcohol during the holidays. And, since more people travel [...]

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Implied Consent Law

Implied Consent Law - Losing Your License When you are facing a DUI prosecution, you need to be concerned about your driver’s license. There are two basic and very different concepts that you need to understand. First, driving is a privilege. [...]

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Just Stopped for DUI?

Your client was heading home after getting together with co-workers for a couple of drinks. Next thing they know, they see the red and blue lights of the police cruiser in their rearview mirror. After saying, “Oh @#@#,” trying to [...]

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Common DUI Myths

Misconceptions and Arizona DUI Myths Whether the subject of urban legend, television, or social media, several misconceptions about Arizona DUI cases and their prosecution exist. In this brief article, I hope to present just a few of the most common [...]

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