Domestic Violence in Arizona

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domestic Violence in Arizona

A Quick Guide to Domestic Violence in Arizona

By Howard A. Snader

In today’s political climate, DV crimes are front and center. When any claim is made that there was choking involved, the case will automatically be considered for a felony charge. You can’t talk yourself out of being a suspect. Rather, you normally will talk yourself into both your arrest and limit your ability to defend yourself.

The stigma of being accused of a DV crime has long lasting, collateral effects. Upon arrest, some may lose their fingerprint cards. Others may find their professional licenses in jeopardy. Being charged with a DV crime can affect child custody and visitation. This e-book addresses recent legislative changes, what to do if you’re charged, and how you can protect your rights.

Your best defense, at a minimum, is to consult with an experienced attorney. When facing any investigation for a misdemeanor or felony, it is a serious matter.

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