Different Types of DUI Cases in Arizona

Arizona DUI Laws: Types of DUI Cases

Drunk driving, or driving while intoxicated with any amount of alcohol or drug-related substance, is considered a criminal offense. It is a violation of the DUI law and can lead to criminal cases. Drunk-driving, drug possession, and reckless driving will result in severe injuries and accidents involving innocent lives. Violators of DUI laws will be pulled over, and officers will conduct a field sobriety test or a breath test to measure the alcohol content or the level of intoxication. In obtaining pieces of evidence against the suspected drunk driver, the police report is taken for a case evaluation. Blood testing and breath-test are conducted to measure blood alcohol content accurately. Urine samples are also taken for the confirmatory test when there is suspicion of illegal drug use or abuse of a controlled substance.  Driving under the influence will cause suspension or revocation of a driver’s license. The offender will be facing punishment, depending on the type of DUI charges. In Arizona, they consider the basic DUI charge as a misdemeanor. The same can be said for an aggravated DUI. Subsequently, however, multiple DUI criminal charges become a high-level felony case. There are also some felony DWI cases wherein the prosecutor decides to increase penalties against the defendant, depending on his or her criminal record. DUI lawyer ArizonaThe first offense of violating DWI laws will be days of jail time. To those charged with DUI, fines and license suspension are also often applied. There are cases where the use of an ignition interlock device becomes necessary. With the use of a breathalyzer test, the vehicle will not start unless the BAC level or the blood alcohol concentration is below the standardized limit. Attendance to a seminar on alcohol education will also be required. Subsequent and extreme DUI convictions increases penalties and fines. The third offense would usually be considered a felony DUI. An aggravated DUI becomes a felony case and issues mandatory prison time, revocation of driver’s license, alcohol-related rehabilitation treatment, and community service.  There are specific reasons why a misdemeanor DUI becomes a felony DUI. These include having multiple DUI offenses within seven years, driving under the influence with a minor passenger, being charged with DUI while the driver’s license is suspended, and DUIs involving road accidents resulting in severe injuries and death.  Defendants are given a choice to plead guilty or not guilty. A DUI defense lawyer in Arizona must be particularly experienced in handling these kinds of cases related to impaired driving or drunk-driving. To make the criminal trial favorable to the defendant, criminal defense attorneys, especially a DUI defense attorney, will comprehensively review the criminal case following the justice system. There are several strategies in defending DUI arrests. One of these is to plea-bargain during the pretrial and jury trial. The jurors decide whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty based on the testimonies from witnesses, written reports, and evidence.  If you are facing criminal charges related to DUI, it is the responsibility of defense attorneys to fight for you and protect your legal rights. Get a free consultation now. Contact The Law Office of Howard A. Snader, LLC for legal help and assistance.

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