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Challenging Coerced Confession

A Three-Prong Strategy to Challenging a Coerced Confession A coerced confession makes things difficult when accused of committing a crime, but is all hope of avoiding conviction lost?  Not necessarily.  A confession can be very difficult evidence to overcome.  However, in [...]

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Proving A Sexual Abuse Case

“Sexual abuse” is a crime in Arizona. Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-1404 provides that a person commits the crime of sexual abuse by “knowingly engaging in sexual contact with any person who is fifteen or more years of age without [...]

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Domestic Violence Arizona

Domestic Violence - A Belated Valentine's Day Gift Every day, I am contacted by someone charged with, or recently arrested for domestic violence. Arrests for DV crimes always increase around the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. Crimes involving domestic violence are [...]

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Search And Seizure

Protect Yourself From Search And Seizure There is absolutely no way for me to even begin to discuss the scope of Arizona search and seizure law in a brief article. But recent developments in both technology and rulings from the [...]

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Just Stopped for DUI?

Your client was heading home after getting together with co-workers for a couple of drinks. Next thing they know, they see the red and blue lights of the police cruiser in their rearview mirror. After saying, “Oh @#@#,” trying to [...]

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Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure 101: A Basic Primer Your client’s son has just been arrested and he is being carted off to jail in Phoenix. Your client is scared to death for his kid and is calling you for guidance. What are [...]

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Possession Child Pornography

Confessing to Possession of Child Pornography Mandatory Reporting of Possession of Child Pornography A few days ago, A new client retained my services concerning potential charges for sexual exploitation of a minor. That is Arizona’s fancy label for anyone accused [...]

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