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Statute of Limitations

Statutes of Limitations & Timing in Criminal Cases Several times a week, I am contacted and asked questions about whether a case can be prosecuted or how long the criminal process take.  Time limits are specifically set out in our [...]

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Criminal Appeal Process Part 1

You Just Got Sentenced. Now What? In Arizona, there are two basic means of challenging your conviction: Appeal and Post Conviction Relief. This article will address the appeal process. And, in this brief article, there is no way possible to [...]

2019-09-03T14:04:42+00:00By |After a Conviction|

Immigration Criminal Conviction

“My attorney didn’t tell me that I would lose my fingerprint card!” “I didn’t know probation would not let me keep my job or travel.” “I can’t believe probation, won’t let me move back home.” “You mean I lost my [...]

2019-05-17T05:36:05+00:00By |After a Conviction|

Criminal Pretrial Procedures

Why Criminal Pretrial Procedures Can Be Crucial Most Arizona criminal cases do not go to trial but are resolved through plea bargains. Arizona criminal pretrial procedures, the events that occur after arrest and before trial in Phoenix, often determine if [...]

2018-11-22T04:10:32+00:00By |Criminal Procedure|

Aggravated Assault and Arizona Law

If you’re facing an aggravated assault charge in Arizona, prepare yourself for a tough road ahead. In Arizona, aggravated assault is always a felony resulting in prison sentencing and fines upwards of $150,000 plus an 83% surcharge. Additionally, you’ll face [...]

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