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Drug Crimes in Arizona

Drug crimes are criminal acts involving narcotics or illegal controlled substances. They are usually very complex cases with numerous potentially severe penalties if the accused offender is found guilty. If you ever find yourself facing a drug-related charge, get in [...]

2019-07-04T12:20:40+00:00By |Drug Crimes|

Arizona Law on Aggravated Assault Offenses

In Arizona, assault charges generally involve acts considered to be misdemeanors. It involves: Recklessly and knowingly causing somebody physical injury. Deliberately touching somebody for the purpose of insult, provocation, or bodily injury. Deliberately making somebody feel reasonably threatened by impending [...]

2019-09-03T13:57:20+00:00By |Assault|

How Is Sex Crime Defined in Arizona?

When you are charged with a sex crime in Phoenix, you may suffer a lifetime of hassle, probation, and monitoring. More than that, sex crimes in Arizona have a stigma attached to them unmatched by most other crimes Arizona sexual [...]

2019-09-03T13:23:37+00:00By |Sex Crimes|