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Violent Crimes in Arizona

A violent crime or crime of violence is a crime in which the perpetrator uses or threatens to use force upon the victim. This entails crimes in which the violent act is the objective, such as murders, rapes or sexual [...]

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Tastes Like Prison

Try This Tempting Torture https://youtu.be/1bei7vlf56w Taste Test Results Are In In many American prisons, punishment can come in the form of a bland mashed up block of food known as a “Nutraloaf” — a controversial “food product” that’s fed to [...]

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Charged with Domestic Violence in Arizona

Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona The State of Arizona defines domestic violence as a criminal act of abuse committed by a household member, family, former or current spouse, cohabitant, persons who have a dating relationship, and other domestic relationships against [...]

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Probation Violations in Arizona

Arizona Probation Violations If you've been convicted of a crime in Arizona, you may be eligible for probation instead of imprisonment. Arizona laws allow a convicted criminal to serve his or her sentence while remaining free of jail or prison. [...]

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The “Prison Spread”

Spicy Nacho Prison Spread This dish really illustrates how bad prison food is. If you are desperate enough to dip your chip in this, you have to be serving a life sentence with your nacho flavored prison spread. Here is [...]

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