Bank Robber Gives Teller His ID


Dumbest bank robber ever? Armed bandit, 34, ‘demands $10,000 on withdrawal slip but then hands teller his state ID when she asks for it’

  • Edner Flores, 34, was arrested for trying to rob a Chicago bank Monday morning 
  • Flores entered PNC Bank branch in Humboldt Park section of Chicago near noon 
  • When he approached teller, he ‘handed a deposit ticket asking for $10,000’ 
  • Flores indicated on deposit ticket that he was ‘armed,’ according to complaint 
  • Bank teller activated silent alarm and stalled for time before police could arrive 
  • Teller than asked Flores for ATM card and ID; Flores obliged, giving up state ID
  • ID included his photo, name, and date of birth; Flores also wrote withdrawal slip
  • The slip asked for Flores’ bank account number, which he wrote as ‘123456789’
  • Twelve minutes after Flores walked into bank, police arrived and arrested him 
  • Cops found a knife in Flores’ jacket pocket as well as the incriminating tickets 

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