Assault & Aggravated Assault in Phoenix

Assault or aggravated assault can result in long jail sentences. Our blog discusses your options and strategies.

Arizona Law on Aggravated Assault Offenses

In Arizona, assault charges generally involve acts considered to be misdemeanors. It involves: Recklessly and knowingly causing somebody physical injury. Deliberately touching somebody for the purpose of insult, provocation, or bodily injury. Deliberately making somebody feel reasonably threatened by impending [...]

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Aggravated Assault Charges in Phoenix

Aggravated Assault Charges In Phoenix, Aggravated Assault charges arise from Assault as defined by A.R.S. §13-1203 in one of several circumstances deemed by the legislature as deserving more punishment than normal Assault. Phoenix Aggravated Assault The two most common circumstances where [...]

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20 Shocking Sexual Misconduct Scandals

In October 2017, Hollywood was shaken when multiple women accused the powerful film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct — including allegations of rape. While Mr. Weinstein issued denials, he was fired from his production company and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture [...]

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Aggravated Assault and Arizona Law

If you’re facing an aggravated assault charge in Arizona, prepare yourself for a tough road ahead. In Arizona, aggravated assault is always a felony resulting in prison sentencing and fines upwards of $150,000 plus an 83% surcharge. Additionally, you’ll face [...]

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Aggravated Assault Consequences in Arizona

4 Serious Consequences of Aggravated Assault Aggravated assault consequences in Arizona are serious. It carries a felony charge that renders harsh sentencing if convicted in the state of Arizona. Before examining the litany of aggravated assault consequences, it is first [...]

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Aggravated Assault Defenses Arizona

Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Aggravated Assault Defenses Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-1204 is a complicated statute setting out numerous forms of aggravated assault. Depending on the specific nature of the charges, conviction results in sentencing for either a class 2, [...]

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