Arizona Vehicular Second-Degree Murder

Vehicular Second-Degree Murder in Phoenix

In Phoenix, vehicular second-degree Murder, as defined by A.R.S. §13-1104, is a crime where the death of another person was not premeditated or planned in advance. Second-degree murder can be charged when a person intentionally kills a person. It is already defined as second-degree murder when one’s action causes death or serious physical injury that consequently kills another person. When the person shows “extreme indifference to human life” and engages in actions that result in the death of another person, he or she may also be charged with second-degree murder.

Vehicular Second-Degree Murder Charges

For a person to be charged with vehicular second-degree murder, it must be proven that the perpetrator showed “extreme indifference to human life”. Typical examples of vehicular second-degree murder are:

  • When someone is killed as a result of drag racing through a busy street or a highway;
  • When someone is killed as a result of aggressive or reckless driving or road rage;
  • When someone is killed as a result of fleeing from the police.

DUI Vehicular Second-Degree Murder

Driving under the influence (DUI) may also be grounds for vehicular second-degree murder when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol result in the death of another:

  • When the driver had an extremely high blood alcohol content;
  • When the driver has prior DUI convictions; or,
  • DUI with reckless driving, if “extreme indifference to human life” is proven.

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Sentence for Vehicular second-degree Murder

Vehicular second-degree Murder on a first offense class two (2) felony of Second-Degree Murder carries a minimum 10 years to a maximum 22 years of jail time without the possibility of parole.

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Vehicular Second-degree Murder Defenses

“Supervening Cause” is the most common defense to a Vehicular Second-Degree Murder charge. This means that another circumstance and not the defendant caused the death of the victim. Examples of a supervening cause would include:

  • a delay of emergency responders or negligence of hospital staff that caused the victim’s death;
  • the accident was a result of faulty vehicle manufacturing or other defects;
  • a sudden unintended acceleration of the vehicle, or;
  • the mental incapacity of the victim.

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