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Criminal Practice Areas

Criminal Law Specialist

Probable Cause Hearings

What to Expect After Your Client’s Initial Appearance I recently spoke about the steps to take as an attorney when you receive the news that your client has been arrested. Your client will most [...]

PROBATION: A Basic Understanding

The client charged with a felony and scared about the potential incarceration is usually only concerned about receiving a probationary grant. However, in many cases they really have no understanding of what probation entails. [...]

Sample Allocution Statement

Preparing Your Client To Address The Court At Sentencing The majority of criminal cases result in a conviction for some offense. Many attorneys proceed to sentencing without really explaining the process to the client, [...]

Possession Child Pornography

Confessing to Possession of Child Pornography Mandatory Reporting of Possession of Child Pornography A few days ago, A new client retained my services concerning potential charges for sexual exploitation of a minor. That is [...]

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